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The SLC Kindness Squad
The SLC Kindness Squad

The Kindness Squad was developed at the Springfield Literacy Center as an after school club to offer to SLC students. This club allowed students an opportunity to learn more about the importance and benefits of kindness.

The weekly meetings, under the direction of Mrs. Manning and Mrs. Coover, included a fun greeting, an activity such as listening to a book or a song, and a time to spread kindness to others around us.

Some of the highlights from the Kindness Squad have been:

·      Smiling and saying kind things to all who cross our paths during meetings
·      Kindness Bingo
·      Coloring and hanging kindness posters around the SLC
·      Secretly leaving small notes for people around the SLC (copy machines, Custodial staff, and front office/mailroom) to show them how much we appreciate them
·      Painting beautiful rocks to leave in the community
·      Decorating (and eating) cookies "sprinkled" with kindness
·      Leaving fun and kind messages in sidewalk chalk at ETR and the SLC

The club concluded with a big event in which the Kindness Squad spread joy during arrival and dismissal with signs, smiles, cheers, and pom-poms.

Thank you, SLC Kindness Squad, for helping to spread cheer and happiness throughout the Springfield School District.

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