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Spotlight on Staff: A Series Focusing on Staff with a Growth Mindset and Grit: Meet SIta Jeffers
Spotlight on Staff: A Series Focusing on Staff with a Growth Mindset and Grit: Meet SIta Jeffers

Having worked as a Learning Assistant in the Springfield School District for 24 years, one would think that Sita Jeffers has seen it all.

"You think you have seen, heard, and felt everything. But then a new group of kids come in and bring me a whole new experience. I love seeing the differences in all our students. It certainly keeps me interested."

Sita works as an emotional, academic, and behavioral support teacher at the Springfield Literacy Center. One thing she enjoys about her job is that every day is a different adventure. In the academic aspect, Sita will work with a small group of children that are doing group work or taking a test. When students are taking a test, she helps to create a calm environment so students can remain relaxed and confident while trying their best.

In the emotional and behavioral piece of her job, her main undertaking is to help students to regroup or refocus. A student will have difficulty learning if they are not in a peaceful state of mind. She will help the student find a moment to stay calm and a way to re-center themselves. Only then will they begin to work on the academic portion of the task. Being mindful is the first step to learning.

Sita feels that those who surround you, are the ones that help you grow. She credits her team members for helping her to be a perpetual learner. She enjoys collaborating and figuring out ways to best help her students. Sita says, "One thing I love about the SLC, is that everyone works so hard to be inclusive. We understand that nothing is perfect and the staff is always looking for ways to improve."

At the start of each day, Sita reminds herself of the importance of working with the children who are our future community. She's aware that there is a large responsibility on teachers to help construct good people and respectable citizens. Sita says, "These are the children that will go outside of our community and change the world. We need to support them from the start."

The strength of the community within the SLC is what enables Sita to have such success. The halls are alive with positivity and support as each staff member lifts the other. It is the concerted effort of students and staff that helps students reach their goals. With strong support from their teachers, every student tries hard to do their best.

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