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7th and 8th Grade Orchestra
7th and 8th Grade Orchestra

Before the buses arrive in the morning, music fills the halls of ETR. Under the musical direction of Kathleen Boyer, 7th and 8th-grade musicians rehearse once a week as a full orchestra. These musicians perform arrangements of classic orchestra literature, such as Tchaikovsky's Symphony No. 2, known as The Little Russian, or Johann Strauss' Overture to Die Fledermaus.

A full orchestra is comprised of all the string instruments, with wind and percussion instruments added. In ETR's full orchestra, the wind and percussion students are doing double duty, as they also play in another ensemble that rehearses one morning a week.

Through orchestra, students are acquiring life-long skills, such as problem-solving and the ability to react quickly. The students in orchestra demonstrate high levels of patience and determination as they work continuously to master a piece that has been chosen by their conductor.

The students learn to rely on one another to create a beautiful performance. The musicians are learning the importance of teamwork and the need for diligent practice as their peers depend on them. The bonds they are forming help the students understand the importance of their dedication to an instrument.

Students in the orchestra are developing a sense of self-esteem, belonging and purpose. Each of their actions creates a sound, which turns into beautiful music that they helped to create. 

Performing in an orchestra gives the students an outlet for their creativity and musical expression. We hope you can see them perform at their next performance.

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