Thon 2022 - A Student Reflection
Thon 2022 - A Student Reflection

Thon - A Student Reflection 

My thoughts on this years' Thon are amazing and positive. I cannot believe how hard the leadership team has worked this year to bring the best event they could to the first Thon in the new Springfield High School. 

It was great seeing everyone who came to the event come together and show that we could impact a kid's happiness in tough times. 

It was great being a part of this event and raising $135,220.57 for the kids. It showed how much power we have when we come together and use our abilities to make a difference in the world for good. 

I was a part of the entertainment committee, and it was a blast reffing and setting up all of the sports games during the events.

I encourage everyone to participate in this incredible event and also join a committee to have the most enjoyment and experience of the event. It is a moment you will never forget!!

- Written by a Thon committee member

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