2021 Turkey Trot
2021 Turkey Trot

Thursday, November 18th was one of the nicest days of the year, which seemed apropos that it was the day of the Richardson Middle School Turkey Trot run by the Wellness department. The Turkey Trot is a 1-mile fun run-walk, completed after school, to raise money to help feed families in need in the Springfield and Morton communities. There were 120 students, staff members, and parents who participated in this year’s trot. Participants were asked to make a monetary donation, prior to participation, as well as Turkey Trot t-shirts were sold with the proceeds being donated to this cause. We raised $910.00! This year’s t-shirt was designed by a 6th-grade student, Kayla Masterson. Giant helped sponsor this event by providing us with a gift card to help purchase pies for prizes. We awarded prizes to our first, second, and third place females and males in 6th, 7th, and 8th grades, as well as adults. Below are the names of our award winners:


6th grade:

Females:                                                                    Males:

  1. Victoria Rosini                                                 1. Will Carr
  2. Caitlin Denney                                                2. Matt Bowen
  3. Alaina Surace                                                  3. Parker Haggerty

7th grade:

Females:                                                                     Males:

  1. Lilly Criscuolo                                                 1. Ryan Shields
  2. Haley Pease                                                    2. Carl Ross
  3. Gabriella Pintof                                                3. Kieran Cole

8th grade:

Females:                                                                      Males:

  1. Evelyn Dunn                                                        1. Dennis Wickstrum
  2. Emily Croce                                                         2. Kyle Sia
  3. Keira Surace                                                        3. Aidan McHenry


Females:                                                                      Males:

  1. Ms. Pierangeli                                                    1. Kevin O’Neill
  2. Mary Beth Venditto                                             2. Keith Bennett
  3. Bernadette DeLaurentis                                      3. Angelo Colonna

This tradition of helping our families in Springfield and Morton communities, during the holiday season, has been around for over 20 years. We are hoping this is a tradition that lasts forever! Thank you to everyone involved in helping make this event such a success!

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- Pam Corcoran, ETR Health and PE