SAEF Funds New Music Education Program at Scenic
SAEF Funds New Music Education Program at Scenic

Let the Ukuleles play! 

Scenic Hills Elementary School students are simply overjoyed to be given the opportunity to learn the ukulele in their music classes at Scenic Hills.  

Here are a few student responses:

"I like to try something new, and I like playing!"

"We love it!"

"We have a great time playing the Ukulele!"

"I'm really lucky to be able to play the Ukulele!"

SAEF's  Board of Directors and Grants Committee recently approved a teacher grant to fund this innovative, music education program.  These string instruments will be played for years to come by every student coming through our school.  And we anticipate there will be smiles again and again while the students are learning music!   For more info about SAEF's 2022 teacher grants program, contact