Spotlight on Staff: A Series Focusing on Staff with a Growth Mindset and Grit: Meet Jennifer Archie
Spotlight on Staff: A Series Focusing on Staff with a Growth Mindset and Grit: Meet Jennifer Archie

If a word had to be chosen to describe Jennifer Archie and her 4th grade classroom at Sabold Elementary, that word would be "positivity". With the encouraging posters hanging on the walls and the positive affirmations coming from Jennifer, all students are trying hard and doing their best. 

Coming from a large family, Jennifer always loved to be around children. She began babysitting when she was 12 years old and enthusiastically created games and art projects to help engage the children. Archie knew the importance of being present in each child's life... something she continues today as a teacher.

Jennifer is continuously helping her students focus on their own personal growth. When report cards come out, Jennifer makes it a point to address the students about how their grades reflect where they are right now in their learning. She understands the importance of effort and trying and relies heavily on the power of 'yet'. She continually tells her students "you may not have learned this yet, or you haven't accomplished it yet... but we will get there". Jennifer believes students need to see the bigger picture, realize how much growth they have had since the start of the school year, and understand they might not be where they want to be . . .yet.

Jennifer stresses to her students the importance of making mistakes. She offers many challenges in her classroom and enjoys the moments when she hears a child exclaim, "OHHHH, that's so easy!" after they work through and figure out a problem. She wants them to understand that effort and trying are as important as the success itself. 

Jennifer not only believes in growth for her students, but for herself as well. Principal Dr. Brigg says, "Jennifer works hard on mastering her craft. She takes classes, attends professional development opportunities, and collaborates with colleagues to develop instructional techniques and activities with the goal of ensuring that her students have every opportunity to be successful."

Jennifer recognizes the importance of staying positive when a child is struggling when learning something new. She knows that one negative statement could push a child away from their desire to learn. She wants her students to have a love of learning and explains to them that learning doesn't stop just because school ends. She encourages her students to always be learning, growing and trying new things.

Jennifer sets a wonderful example of showing the importance of grit and growth mindset in herself and her students.


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