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The Podcast Club provides an opportunity for students to “get their message” out to friends and family in a school-and age-appropriate environment, via an audio podcast, Cougar Conversations. It provides opportunities for students to express their thoughts and ideas, provide entertainment, news, and information to the Springfield School District, and practice skills like organization, public speaking, interviewing, storytelling, creative thinking, problem-solving, and commitment.

Students create and publish original podcasts with partners, ultimately establishing a series of episodes, cover art, and voice, about a chosen topic. Individual “segments” will be edited together to create each episode of Cougar Conversations

Not Your Average News Show with Mr. B and Mr. S

Episode 6:  Resources for home

This is a list of resources available to you that will help you as you work through the current issues, and to explore how you can work, as an individual, towards a more accepting, inclusive world - a world that actively seeks out areas of social injustice, shines a light on them, and works towards improving life for all people. 

Please always feel free to reach out with questions or concerns to Mr. B or Mr. S.


  1. Talking about Race: https://www.nationalgeographic.com/family/in-the-news/talking-about-race/ 

  2. How to Talk About Race and Racism at home: https://www.parenttoolkit.com/social-and-emotional-development/advice/social-awareness/how-to-talk-to-kids-about-race-and-racism

  3. Talking to Children about Tragedy and News/Media: https://www.healthychildren.org/English/family-life/Media/Pages/Talking-To-Children-About-Tragedies-and-Other-News-Events.aspx

  4. ADL: Discussing Hate and Violence with Children: https://www.adl.org/education/resources/tools-and-strategies/discussing-hate-and-violence-with-children

Videos to watch: 

  1. Systemic Racism Explained 

  2. What would you do?

  3. Kids on Race 

  4. What is privilege? 

Children’s Books: 

  1. https://www.charisbooksandmore.com/books-teach-white-children-and-teens-how-undo-racism-and-white-supremacy

  2. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/06/02/parenting/kids-books-racism-protest.html


  1. Justice for Breonna Taylor 

  2. Justice for George Floyd