Emergency Information

The Springfield School District is committed to communicating emergency information in a timely and effective manner. To meet today’s diverse communication needs, the communication methods listed below shall be implemented. Please be sure to consult more than one method of communication in case a specific system noted below fails.


  • Via the District’s Broadcast Communication System, student home phone numbers and/or guardian phone numbers will be called depending on the time of day of the emergency notification.
  • Parents may update the phone numbers provided at the time of student registration by accessing their Home Access Center (HAC) account online: http://www.ssdcougars.org/HAC. Instructions to update your email and/or phone numbers can be found on the same page.
  • Employees may update their phone numbers by contacting the Human Resources Department or visiting Employee Access Center (EAC) on the Intranet.



  • On the homepage of the district website.
  • On the sites of the Philadelphia TV and radio networks noted below.



  • On Springfield Educational Television (SETV): Comcast channel 8, Verizon channel 29 and RCN channel 51.
  • On the Philadelphia TV networks of: NBC 10, CBS 3, 6 ABC and Fox 29.



  • On KYW 1060 AM Radio – District Number: 526.



  • You will receive email notifications through our Broadcast Communication System with information provided by HAC



Springfield School District’s broadcast communication system provides the ability to deliver general and emergency notifications to specified phone numbers and email quickly and accurately. This system allows us to reach our employees and parents with personalized messages within minutes.

Update your phone numbers and email address to receive messages, announcements and emergency notifications such as school closings. If you do not wish to update your information you will still receive phone notifications to your home phone number on record.

Employees: Don’t want your home phone number called using the broadcast communication system? Update your phone number via Employee Access Center (EAC). EAC can be accessed through the Intranet. Once in EAC, go to the ‘My Information’ page, click the Update button. Add your phone number to the “Other Phone” field. This number will be called in place of your home phone number. For further information, please visit the Intranet, Resources-EAC page.

Parents/Guardians: Be sure to keep your home phone number and email updated using Home Access Center (HAC). You must update your home phone number for every child enrolled. On the ‘Registration’ page, click the Edit Information link. Student Record: Your child’s record should only include their school email account and home phone number. Please do not update any other record for your child (for example: email address, cell phone number, work phone number, etc.) For further information please visit the HAC Phone-Email Update Instructions page.

District Communications: To view communications sent by Springfield School District, click here.