2022 - 2023 Superintendent's Evaluation

As required by the Omnibus School Code legislation, Act 82 of 2012, the Springfield School Board of Directors is required to post the mutually agreed upon objective performance standards included in the contract of the superintendent. The performance assessment of the superintendent occurs annually.

The Springfield School District Board of School Directors participated in an evaluation process of the superintendent.  All nine members participated in the evaluation process, including review and consideration of detailed recommendations made by the Personnel Committee regarding the superintendent’s performance. The domains in this evaluation were:

1. Student Growth and Achievement

2. Organizational Leadership

3. District Operations and Financial Management

4. Communications and Community Relations

5. Human Resources/Talent Acquisition

6. Professionalism

The results of the evaluation reveal that the superintendent has achieved the level of Distinguished in all six domains.  Dr. Barber’s job performance in terms of visibility in the school district and community along with his educational dedication for students and staff earned him a distinguished rating by the Board of School Directors in terms of his educational leadership for the Springfield School District.