District Goals

PSBA Performance Standards

Student Growth and Achievement

Use multiple data sources to assess student success and growth as appropriate, specific to needs with the District, and as determined annually in collaboration with the Board of School Directors. Annual or other District performance objectives are articulated and clearly achieved under the direction of the Superintendent relative to PSSA, PVAAS and other locally determined measures.

Organizational Leadership

Work collaboratively with the Board to develop a vision for the District, display an ability to identify and rectify problems affecting the District, work collaboratively with District administration to ensure that best practices for instruction, supervision, curriculum development and management are being utilized, and positively influence and impact the climate and culture of the District.

District Operations and Financial Management

In conjunction with the Executive Director of Operations, ensure completion of activities associated with the annual budget; oversee distribution of resources in support of identified District priorities; and direct overall operational activities within the District.

Communications and Community Relations

Communicate with and effectively engage the staff, administration, student body, Board and members of the community, clearly articulating District goals and priorities, addressing critical issues affecting the District, and building support for District initiatives, programs and short/long-range plans.

Human Resources/Talent Acquisition

Incorporate best practices for human resource management and oversight, coordinate staffing, recruitment and other human resource functions within the District, set high standards and hold employees accountable, ensure fidelity to headcount goals and oversee best in class talent acquisition process.


Model professional decision-making processes and ethical standards consistent with the values of Pennsylvania's public education system, as well as that of the Springfield/Morton community. Work to individually reflect upon his effectiveness within the role and to improve effectiveness though the use of professional development literature and activities.

Proposed Performance Indicators

Student Growth and Achievement

The growth and achievement of students and faculty cannot be solely measured on a finite scale, through a rating tool or by standardized test scores. There is more to our students and faculty than data points on a graph. To that end, we value diversity of thought and tools that challenge the status quo and any singular definition of success.

2022-2023 Priorities

  • Encourage and support educators in creating appropriate alternative assessments that value and support the whole child (night of the arts, musical performances, etc.).
  • Actively support a District-wide culture where the individual identities, backgrounds, and unique characteristics of the District’s students and faculty are valued, respected and celebrated.
  • Oversee and encourage use of growth data among professional staff with regard to making curricular, staffing, and strategic planning decisions within the District.
  • Provide leadership in addressing achievement gaps where any exist, but also create an anti-deficit culture that celebrates students’ strengths rather than highlighting their weakness.
  • Monitor student achievement via traditional assessment vehicles such as PSSA, SAT, AP and other assessments, but simultaneously, encourage alternative definitions of success and the varied ways through which faculty and students can demonstrate growth and achievement.
  • Develop successful strategies for improvement, including meeting annual requirements in connection with the Pennsylvania School Performance Profile.