To the Families of the Morton and Springfield Community:


The mission of attaining excellence in our district resides in our commitment to the ideals set forth in our vision. By inspiring our students to explore themselves and their endless possibilities, and giving them the power and choice to attain their ultimate potential and people and as learned citizens, we can and will continue to make the Springfield one of the top school districts in the country.

Superintendent Anthony Barber with an SHS graduate at commencement.

My name is Anthony Barber, and I am honored and humbled to be the Superintendent of the Springfield School District. I’m beginning my twelfth year in the district and seventh as Superintendent, my understanding of and involvement with all of our district-wide initiatives has provided the opportunity to continue to focus upon five prime priorities for our success:


Priority One: Providing a Safe and Secure Educational Environment

Safety is job one! Student achievement soars when the conditions for learning are at their optimum levels. Sustaining a positive, healthy culture and climate is paramount and will be our prime focus on this day and every day.

Dr. Barber and MikePriority Two: Maximizing Student Potential

Our core mission is to ensure that each child reaches his or her personal best. We will continue to customize learning opportunities that promote critical thinking and problem solving. The cornerstone of such efforts will stem from our literacy initiatives. In addition, we will be focusing on content writing and process learning as they relate to both core and special area subjects.

Priority Three: Optimize College and Career Readiness

Graduation is only the beginning. In realizing our ultimate responsibility resides with providing our students the foundation for success beyond our district, we will continue to build programming that meets diverse learning styles to ensure that is so. Certainly, the implementation of the College and Career Academy model will be vital in our efforts to maximize real-world experiences in preparation for post graduate success.

Dr. Barber Reading to StudentsPriority Four: Championing the Master Plan

The investment in a new Springfield High School is an investment in our community. Our efforts with the Master Plan must coincide with our desire to build sustainable programming for years to come. The public school has the potential to be the steward of the community, and the Springfield School District, through such efforts, will continue to provide an avenue for connectedness.

Priority Five: Reinforcing Fiscal Responsibility

Incumbent upon us is the responsibility to manage the budget through a critical lens. Knowing that the majority of our district funding stems from the local tax base, we must demonstrate diligence and determination in preparing and implementing our financial plan. Our obligation to such a focus must encompass our entire community, as the support for successful school programming impacts everyone.

In addition to our priorities, as a resident of this community for the past twenty one years and a proud parent of three boys who attend our schools, I realize the importance of our mission. Public schools hold the foundation for the Dr. Barber and studentAmerican dream. Quality education empowers a quality life. In realizing this moral imperative, our team wants to ensure you that we will not rest until every child reaches his/her personal potential. We will not yield in our desire to provide an attainable dream that continues to make the Springfield School District a destination location.

As we look forward to the days, months and years ahead, please know that our team is committed to your child and your family, and we will work tirelessly each day to provide the very best for our community.

Have a great rest of the year.


Dr. Anthony Barber
Superintendent of Schools
(610) 938-6050