Spotlight on Staff: A Series Focusing on Staff with a Growth Mindset and Grit: Meet Meg Meyers
Spotlight on Staff: A Series Focusing on Staff with a Growth Mindset and Grit: Meet Meg Meyers

As a PROUD Cougar alumni, Meg Meyers was thrilled to accept a teaching position in the Springfield School District after graduating from Temple University with a degree in Elementary and Special Education.  With the thought of working as a teacher in regular education, Meyers felt compelled to change direction and accept the position as the Social Skills instructor at Sabold Elementary School. It wasn't long before Meyers knew she had made the right decision and fell in love with Special Education.  "Special Education is rewarding," says Meyers. "It has given me many opportunities to think outside the box and grow as a teacher."

Growing, learning, and thriving are the most important mindsets in Meyers' classroom. Meyers believes in growth for herself, as well. Meyers just completed her second Masters degree and is currently working toward becoming board certified as a Behavior Analyst. "My first Masters in Education was completed with other teachers from the School District," Meyers explains. "It was wonderful collaborating with my colleagues and using real life examples.  My second Masters [Masters of Science in Behavioral Analysis] was through an online master's program, so I really enjoyed getting to learn what works and what doesn't in school districts across the county."

Meyers is a firm believer in collaboration. What her students learn while in her class translates into the rest of their school day and will carry on through life. While the students are working on conversation skills and friendship-making skills in her classroom, Meyers is working with her peers to help implement strategies in their own classrooms so each student has the consistency and support that is needed. Being able to carry these skills into another setting, in and out of school, is what will help her students have the most success.

One of the things Meyers loves most is seeing the students grow over the four years they are at Sabold. Meyers is proud to be a part of the Springfield community.  She has a fondness for her students and feels the support from the community is amazing.  "Springfield School District has fostered a safe and caring environment, which helps my students transition what they are learning in my classroom to the rest of their school day. Dr Brigg [Principal at Sabold Elementary] has helped me grow as a teacher.  He puts his faith in his staff to allow us to create what we feel is necessary and best for the students," Meyers says.  It is because of that trust, Meyers worked as a TOAA for a year and helped to develop the social skills program that is in place today. Meyers was able to take what she learned her first few years teaching and spend the year developing a program that would work best for her students. As her colleague Thomas DiNatale tells us, "When working with her students, Meg puts Growth Mindset at the center of her lessons. As the social skills instructor at Sabold Elementary, Meg teaches her students to use Growth Mindset in real world situations as they develop their peer relationships and self-confidence."

Meyers continues to support 35 students throughout the school week on life skills and mastering each student's social and emotional needs. She supports students through guided reading groups, lunch bunches and in other social settings.  Each child is an individual and is treated as such.

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