SHS Rolls Its Way in to New Tradtion
SHS Rolls Its Way in to New Tradtion

Let me win, but if I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt.

All participants in the Springfield High School First Annual Bocce Tournament recited the Unified Bocce Oath before taking the court to see who would take top honors. Yet, bravery was not the only quality students, faculty and community members displayed. From students to school board members, the participants showed off their talent and unity.

The First Annual Bocce Tournament was co-hosted by the SHS Student Council and Springfield Buddies clubs. Over 18 teams and 120 participants from the Springfield and Morton communities came together to raise money for both the SAILL program (the Springfield Apartment and Independent Living Lab) and the winning team's charity of choice. Teams that participated in the bocce tournament included the School Board Team, Springfield Cares Coalition, Springfield Fire Department, Bocce Balboa, Sabold Staff, Team AWSU and SHS Social Studies – "The Historians." Members of the SHS Swim and Dive, Boys Soccer, Boys Lacrosse, Field Hockey and Track teams also enrolled in the event. Springfield Theatre Workshop, GSA, SSDM Leadership Team, APHUG (Human Geography), Socratic Seminists, and The Nerds (National Honor Society) rounded out the field of competitors.

Bocce is played on a hardwood floor with the event being held in the Blue Gymnasium. The court is 60 feet by 12 feet and is framed by PVC piping. The length of game can be determined by either a team reaching 16 points or the 30 minute countdown elapsing. The pallino, or target ball, must be rolled first to determine what the players will aim for. Then, players will roll their individual balls—red or green depending on your team—in an attempt to get their ball as close as possible to the pallino to earn points for their team.

During the event, students from the life skills program were selling socks in honor of "Rock Your Socks' for World Down Syndrome Awareness Day—an event that is annually held on March 21. Participants and spectators also had the opportunity to sign pledge banners for "Spread the Word to End the Word."

After numerous fun but tough matches, the event ended with the Boys Soccer Team squaring off against the Girls Field Hockey Team. The teams traded throws with neither pulling away for victory. The Boys Soccer Team earned the nail-biting, 4-3 victory on the last bocce throw. The Boys Soccer Team then faced off with the SHS Bocce Team in another exciting game. Patrick McDevitt of the SHS Bocce Team threw the winning roll to defeat the Boys Soccer Team 3-2.

While the SHS Bocce Team were crowned victors of the First Annual Bocce Tournament, students, faculty and community members all united as a community to have fun and support worthy causes.