SAILL Thanksgiving Feast

SAILL (Springfield Apartment and Independent Living Lab) proudly hosts a Thanksgiving Feast every year.

Students are responsible for the entire Feast, from start to finish. The students begin by planning the menu and creating an affordable budget. Once their guest list is decided (each student is allowed to invite teachers, former classmates, and their family), students create invitations to send to the selected guests.

Students spend time thoughtfully planning the recipes so they can food shop while sticking to their budget. The students are also encouraged to bring a traditional meal they normally enjoy with their families.

Each student has a job on the day of the Feast that switches every twenty minutes. Jobs vary from greeting guests, serving food and drinks, or manning the dessert table.

Student Victoria Clark says, "I enjoy seeing everyone from freshman year. This is my second year participating and I love it when my friends come back to visit".

Thank you, students, for the wonderful Thanksgiving Feast! We are thankful for your hard work!