PJAS Regional Competition Results

Please join us in celebrating the members of the PJAS (Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science) team who competed in the annual regional competition.

Of our 18 participants from SHS, 15 earned a first award and will move on to compete at the state level in May.  We want to give special recognition to the following students:

Evan Gallagher (12): Perfect Score and Special Award for Innovation
Jensine Chikkala (12): Judges' Award
Matt Debaney (12): Judges' Award
Cameron Decker (9): Dr. Bethoney Award for Excellence in Experimental Design
Mara Fallon (9): Exceptional Analysis Award


We also wish to thank those members of the science and math departments who offered their expertise and time to our students as they worked on their projects.  We are standing on the shoulders of giants!

Below please find the list of all student participants and the titles of their projects.  We are so proud to work with such a diverse and dedicated group of students.

  • Jensine Chikkala (12): The Effect of MBTI on Emotional Intelligence
  • Emily Dath (11): The Mathematics Behind Polling 
  • Matthew Debany (12): Identification of Microbial Inactivation 
  • Brandon Decker (12): Relationship Between Sunspots and Earthquakes
  • Cameron Decker (9): Measuring Velocity with Stroboscopic Photography
  • Faith Dempsey (11): The Effects of Social Media on Teenage Self Image
  • Mara Fallon (9): Social Media: Its Impact on Political Affiliations of Teens
  • Evan Gallagher (12): The Nozzle Effect (Aerospace Engineering)
  • Saman Khan (11): Repercussions of Test Performance
  • Abigail Nash (12): Factors Affecting Memory
  • Arielle Ndungu-Bello (11): The Psychological Impact Behind Words & Their Environment
  • Ella Parkinson (11): The Fibonacci Sequence
  • Jake Peichel (12): Wavelength on the Interpretation of Color
  • Peyton Raffel (11): Art Therapy 
  • Michael Reiter (12): Behind Closed Doors: The Effects of No Attendance at Venues
  • Sara Siegel (12): How a Person's Empathy Impacts Their Chosen Career
  • Gianna Vent (11): Probability and the Monty Hall Problem
  • Michelle Zheng (11): The Effect of ASMR on People's Mood & Performance