Master Plan Update March 8, 2019

1.      Installation of the building foundations and continued work on the storm water management systems have been the primary work activities since the start of the year.

2.      Steel installation commenced on February 25th and is projected to continue through June. Shape of the building will start to visualize as the steel installation moves along.

3.      Contractors and District are meeting with Township and Septa officials planning the closure and future expansion of South Rolling Road between Leamy Avenue and Saxer Avenue. Work is scheduled to commence after the last day of school in June.

South Rolling Road between Leamy Avenue and Saxer Avenue will be closed this summer.

4.      The demolition of the Cougar Gym is scheduled to start in June after the school year is completed. Preparation work includes the relocation of the existing bleachers to the Gold Gym which will occur during the week of Spring break (April 15-19).

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