Dr. O'Dowd Selected to Receive Prestigious Award
Dr. O'Dowd Selected to Receive Prestigious Award

With the American flag waving against the clear sky, Scenic Hills Principal Madeleine O'Dowd was announced as the 2018 Delaware County Freedom Medal Award for Education recipient in a special Flag Day ceremony.

According to Springfield Police Chief Joseph Daly, the process in selecting a recipient for the Freedom Medal Award for Education is to focus "on an individual that has a proven record for academic excellence and who proactively exposes students to the contributions veterans and active military personnel make to preserve the freedoms Americans enjoy."

Dr. O'Dowd is honored to receive this distinguished honor. "Being awarded the Freedom Medal by the Delaware County Veterans Association is a great honor for myself, for Scenic Hills, and of course for Springfield School District.  I am thrilled to accept it on behalf of our staff, students, and families who do so much to support our veterans and active duty military."

The Springfield School District is proud of all the work that Dr. O'Dowd has done for the Scenic Hill students. Per Chief Daly, she is known for her "infectious work ethic, tireless commitment to academic excellence, and her contributions to students and their families."

Through a host of initiatives Dr. O'Dowd is able to ensure that all students that walk through the Scenic Hills hallways are profoundly aware of the sacrifices and contributions that veterans and active military personnel have made. She hosts an annual Veterans Day Breakfast where veterans and active military personnel are honored for their service while being serenaded with patriotic tunes from the Scenic Singers—the school choir. Attendees are also welcomed to speak and educate the students about their experiences before ending the breakfast with a thank-you parade, where students and posters honoring their service line the hallways. Dr. O'Dowd also holds an annual collection for the Coatesville Veterans Hospital and the "Cup of Joe for a Joe," where students and faculty donate change to provide free cups of coffee for active service personnel. Through her initiatives, Dr. O'Dowd's family history shines through as her family has a proud history of serving our country in the different military branches.

"Dr. O'Dowd was selected as she is a true patriot who uses her position as an educator to ensure that her students and staff understand American values, the cost of freedom, and the sacrifices that veterans and active military personnel continue to make to preserve the ideals of this great nation," Chief Daly adds.

Congratulations to Dr. O'Dowd on being selected to receive this prestigious award!