Mark your calendars: District sets date for Springfield High School Master Plan update meeting on March 28, 2017
Mark your calendars: District sets date for Springfield High School Master Plan update meeting on March 28, 2017

Over the past several months, the school district has worked diligently with the township and our neighbors to understand and address the questions raised about the Springfield High School Master Plan at the Planning Commission meeting. From this mutual effort, we have been able to secure a newly designed plan, which we have labeled as Plan B.1. Although is not as optimal for the school district as the original plan presented to the commission in November 2016, we realize that the goal of this process is to create a solution that is best for the town as a whole. Therefore, please note that Plan B.1 takes into account the concerns of the community in terms of location to St. Francis and traffic, but still secures the essence of creating a prime, educational environment for our community.

In any compromise, each side must make some concessions. With respect to St. Francis parish and our surrounding neighbors, we understand that a project of this magnitude could present some concern. Likewise, we also realize that some of our families may have preferred the original plan. Yet, the essential component to compromise sustains within the notion that all sides have to be willing to forgo what is perfect for individual interests to attain the ultimate goal of servicing the common good for many years to come.

William Penn once said that, "Patience and diligence remove mountains." We believe that this quote speaks volumes to our current situation. We want the community to know that we have negotiated in good faith; each side making concessions for the good of the Springfield and Morton communities. Furthermore, the supporters of this plan have been both patient and diligent in addressing the concerns in a spirit of cooperation and trust.

But now, the time has come for action. First, we want to give you the ability to ask questions. Please visit to do so. Second, we encourage you to be involved in the process and attend the upcoming Master Plan update meeting on March 28, 2017 at 7:00 pm to be held at Springfield High School. We strongly urge you to support this plan as a symbol of community coming together in a collaborative effort to build a better tomorrow.

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