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Safe and Secure Arrivals and Dismissals

There is nothing more important than the safety and security of our students, staff, and families, and unfortunately, we are witnessing unsafe driving practices during our arrival and dismissal times. In an effort to ensure the safety of all, the district is requesting your assistance with the following procedures:

1.  Use the Car Line: We understand that the car line can take time, but it is utilized to ensure safe speeds, manage traffic in a predictable flow, monitor who is driving on to school property, and enable our students to safely enter and exit the buildings.

2.  Do Not Use Non-Parking Zones: Some people are trying to avoid the car line and are dropping off/ picking up their child, but illegally parking in non-designated parking areas. Likewise, temporary parking spaces should not be used for drop-off and pick-up. Use of these non-designated areas to park or stop endangers the safety of our school community.

3.    Watch Your Speed: Please be aware of the proper speed limits on and around our campus and follow them. Please limit your speed to 5 MPH.

4.   Adhere to the Direction of Staff: Some people are not listening to our staff members, who are trying their best to keep your children and themselves safe.

5.   Do Not Engage in Distracted Driving: Use of cell phones while driving on campus creates an unacceptable safety hazard to our students, staff, and other drivers.

The district reserves the right to use photographic or video surveillance to monitor unsafe driving practices.

Failure to adhere to these procedures, or engaging in any other unsafe/illegal practice, could result in the issuance of warnings, fines and/or loss of driving privileges on our campus. This may seem strict, but the safety of our children is our first priority, and regrettably, some folks, in the interest of haste, are making unsafe decisions.

Thank you for your anticipated cooperation and support. If you should have any questions, please call me at 610-938-6166.