Home Education: Homeschooling and Homebound Information


Each of the following topics is covered more fully in their own section of the PDE website. All laws and regulations that are referenced are located in the General Laws and Regulations section of the PDE Home Education website (Link Below). Once you have reviewed the PDE websites listed below, please feel free to contact the Secondary Director of Teaching and Learning for more information.

A home education program is not considered a nonpublic school under the home education law. See 24 P.S. § 13-1327.1 (b).

Springfield School District Home Education Guidelines

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Students are expected to attend school to the fullest extent possible, but homebound instruction may be provided to students who have a medical or mental/emotional condition preventing them from participating in classroom instruction because they are confined to home or a health care facility. A Frequently Asked Questions brochure regarding the eligibility of students for homebound instruction is available in your school’s Guidance Office and online on the district’s website (see below).

Your child’s Guidance Counselor, in consultation with the building administration and the Director of Special Education, determines eligibility for homebound instruction based on the Pennsylvania Department of Education Guidelines and the local Board Policy. Approval of students for homebound instruction requires medical documentation submitted by an approved medical professional and information provided by school staff members. Approval is determined by the team on the basis of the documented need for service, taking into consideration less restrictive educational options and a student’s participation in extracurricular or employment activities.

A request for homebound instruction will only be considered if the application states that the student will either be out of school for 10 or more consecutive school days, or if the intermittent accumulation of absences over a 30 day period will be more than 15 days. The goal of homebound services is to keep the student current with classroom instruction and facilitate the student’s return to the current classroom setting. As homebound instruction is a very restrictive learning environment where peer interaction, classroom social learning, and whole class teacher directed instruction is absent, the district’s plan and support will generally focus first on the development of a reduced day program to facilitate a transition back to full time attendance.

Homebound instruction is not intended to replace school services and is, by design, temporary. It is not a remediation program and is not designed to provide students with time to make up previously missed assignments. The goal of homebound instruction is to keep the student as current as possible with classroom instruction. Provision of instruction will only occur in increments of 30 days upon which time services must be renewed through new medical authorization. Per Board Policy, Homebound Instruction will extend for no more than sixty (60) school days unless approved for an extension by the PA Department of Education.

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