Gifted Services


Included in this section (see docs below) are the district procedures, documents and forms associated with the screening and identification of Gifted children within the Springfield School District. Chapter 16 of the PA Code outlines and defines the regulations and responsibilities each school district must adhere to while identifying and programming for Mentally Gifted children.

"Mentally gifted is defined as outstanding intellectual and creative ability, the development of which requires specially designed programs or support services, or both, not ordinarily provided in the regular education program." (22 Pa. Code §16.1). In other words, Gifted services are specifically afforded to those students that not only demonstrate highly intellectualized and exceptional academic & thinking skills; but these children must also require specifically designed instruction and programming that exceeds what is provided in Springfield’s dynamic and differentiated classroom learning environment.

Intellectual ability is not equated with an IQ score alone. Intellectual ability is and should be a reflection of a range of assessments including a student's performance and potential. The following serves as a general description of the qualities of a mentally gifted child.

The Springfield and Morton communities are blessed with many talented, high-achieving, and inquisitive children. However, it is often difficult for districts to engage in the process of screening for Giftedness because most students that proceed through the initial screening process do not ultimately end up being identified as a Gifted child in need of specially designed instruction. We want to assure you that our administrators, teachers, and school psychologists will be caring, supportive and responsive to parents throughout the entire screening & evaluation process.

Being asked to proceed to Level II screening is both an exciting and stressful process for families. Please do not hesitate to contact your child's counselor or administrator to speak with them if you have questions or concerns around how this may impact your child and/or family. One of the most difficult conversations a school can have with a family is explaining to a parent or guardian, that their child is highly talented, high achieving and creative, but does not qualify under Chapter 16 for Gifted Services. We recognize that for some families there can be both joy and disappointment at the outcome of this process.

Most experts in the field of Gifted research believe that approximately 3,000,000 children in the US qualify as “Gifted”. This represents roughly 6% of the school-aged population. We have included a link to the National Association for Gifted Children which highlights many of the FAQs related to giftedness.

Chapter 16 of the PA Code requires that we screen and actively seek to identify those children within our communities in need of specially designed instruction for gifted educational services. It is important to note that the screening process is a district driven, on-going, process. Parents, as outlined in the Chapter 16 regulations always have the right to request an evaluation for Gifted Services. For more information regarding this type of request and the district’s responsibility regarding such a request, please contact your child’s guidance counselor or building administrator for more information. We have also included the Education Law Center's document on, "The Rights of Gifted Students in PA."

Springfield's screening process follows Chapter 16's guidance in identifying Gifted students within the school district. We utilize multiple criteria in making such a determination. Multiple criteria, as defined by the state are:

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