Educator Effectiveness

Per Act 82, Pennsylvania has adopted Charlotte Danielson's Framework for Teaching as the overarching vision for effective instruction in the Commonwealth. The model focuses the complex activity of teaching by defining four domains of teaching responsibility:

Domain 1: Planning and Preparation
Domain 2: Classroom Environment
Domain 3: Instruction
Domain 4: Professional Responsibilities

Domains 1 and 4 cover aspects of the teaching profession that occur outside the classroom, while Domains 2 and 3 address aspects that are directly observable in classroom teaching.

Springfield School District uses PA-ETEP, a software designed to facilitate and manage the PA Department of Education’s teacher evaluation process. PA-ETEP is Pennsylvania’s most commonly used electronic teacher evaluation software.

Go to the following websites for more information:

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Student Learning Objectives (SLOs):
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  • For detailed guidance on SLO sections, click on “Template HelpDesk Documents”. Then, click on “SLO Process Template – Help Desk-May 2014-Final –R”. For samples, click on “Models” : (Art, Music, Choir, Culinary Arts, Digital Media, Economics, Food and Nutrition, Math, PE, Spanish I)
  • For sample of SLOS for Teaching Professionals with Unique Roles and Functions, go to:


PA-ETEP is Pennsylvania’s electronic teacher evaluation portal for educators. PA-ETEP is designed to facilitate the PA Department of Education’s new teacher evaluation process.