Right to Know Archive

  1. WRT SHS Master Plan Board Update
  2. CID MP Memo-SHS proposals-Burt Hill & WRT
  3. WRT-SHS MP site analysis & preliminary site design
  4. Burt Hill-student population analysis
  5. WRT Proposal -phasing diagrams & central field study
  6. WRT-SHS MP Leamy Avenue binder
  7. WRT-SHS Leamy Avenue site phasing diagrams
  8. CID proposal for capital project management for MP
  9. WRT-SHS Saxer Avenue hybrid scheme sketch
  10. WRT proposal-MP phasing-central field
  11. Stantec proposal for MP updates and planning
  12. CID memo-Stantec-WRT proposals for MP refinement
  13. WRT proposal for MP scenarios and conceptual pricing
  14. WRT-SHS MP building area summary
  15. WRT -SHS MP graphics - Leamy Avenue scheme
  16. WRT-SHS MP graphics - Saxer Avenue scheme
  17. WRT SHS MP graphics - renovation scheme
  18. CID SHS MP pricing specs - common elements
  19. WRT SHS MP pricing spec - Leamy and Saxer schemes
  20. WRT SHS MP pricing specs - renovation scheme
  21. CID SHS MP phasing-scheduling Leamy
  22. CID SHS MP phasing-scheduling renovation
  23. CID SHS MP phasing scheduling Saxer
  24. CID SHS MP parking summary
  25. CID proposal SHS MP activities management
  26. CID Memo-SHS MP conceptual budgeting
  27. CID-SHS-construction estimate clarifications
  28. CID -2b -maintain existing scenario - conceptual summary
  29. CID-SHS MP phasing program summary
  30. WRT proposal-MP executive summary tools
  31. WRT SHS MP Board update
  32. WRT SSD MP Executive session – V2
  33. WRT-SSD MP Executive session-V2 w/ RMO Notes
  34. Traffic Planning & Design proposal for traffic study related to MP
  35. Bohler Engineering proposal for MP study engineering services
  36. Stantec proposal for Town Hall presentations
  37. Traffic Planning & Design proposal for additional traffic study analysis
  38. CID SHS proposed TH meeting outline
  39. CID proposal for MP development and management
  40. Bohler Engineering proposal for MP land surveying services
  41. WRT TH Meeting 4 Community V4
  42. WRT TH Meeting 2 Existing V5
  43. WRT TH Meeting 3 Phasing V4
  44. Board Meeting Minutes 05.22.14