Springfield High School Master Plan

Master Plan Update - March 30, 2020

Springfield School District Chooses Safety First

Limits Essential Construction to "On Site Only" Orders

Governor Wolf has permitted critical construction work to resume. The Springfield School District has decided to choose a deliberate and cautious approach to the new high school project. "Slow and steady. This is the approach with our educational platform during this time and will also be the direction with our project." said Kevin Keenan, School Board Director and head of the Facilities Committee.

The district will institute safety guidelines for the continuation of its master plan. "Over the next week or so, we will begin to bring our project back online. We are taking a cautious stance to ensure safety protocols are followed." Mr. Keenan referenced having construction workers to maintain a safe distance, remain on the premises, and sanitize the site regularly.

Mr. Keenan stated, "Since contractors coming to the site on a voluntary basis, we do not anticipate a problem with this mandate. Plus, they do not want to put themselves or anyone else at risk."

Mr. Keenan and the board agree that the continuation of the project is necessary to control costs, thereby, saving tax dollars and minimizing the disruption to students over the next two years.

Mr. Kennan added, "If the Governor orders school construction to stop, we will follow his directive."

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