A Focus on Literacy

The Springfield School District places emphasis on the foundation of a child’s academic success: literacy learning and development.

The commitment to literacy is best illustrated by the district's K-1 school, the Springfield Literacy Center. A team of educators, community members, and township officials worked together to craft a building design that married the school district’s vision of the space with the educational needs of our students. The physical design of the SLC is fully focused on the instruction spaces.

In Kindergarten, the focus of literacy instruction is to develop the foundational skills needed for beginning readers and writers grow. In first grade, literacy instruction expands into broader concepts of reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Teachers and students work to develop communication skills through focused reading experiences, meaningful writing activities, and opportunities to understand and explain their thinking through listening and speaking. Every day, teachers and students engage in differentiated guided reading opportunities and shared reading and writing activities connected to content area topics.

Students will progress through each grade building upon fluency, vocabulary, comprehension, oral language and writing. Literacy strategies include predicting, questioning, summarizing, drawing conclusions and evaluating information.