Office of Teaching & Learning



The Office of Teaching and Learning facilitates the curriculum, instruction and assessment for K-12 programming in all core subjects.

  • Curriculum: Curriculum is developed on a schedule in accordance with the PA state standards. The standards can be located via our website under Academics or by visiting the PA website at All curriculum processes take into account what our students need to know, what the research states and what the outcomes of each subject specify.
  • Instruction & Professional Development: Content for core subjects that include the departments listed below is facilitated by the Office of Teaching and Learning. Clicking on the department name will link you to their page which includes teachers’ contact information and curriculum: Math, Science, Language Arts and Social Studies. The goal of each core subject area is to promote critical thinkers and problem solvers utilizing the specific lessons and skills derided from each curriculum.
  • Assessment: Assessments look to build students’ ability to think critically and problem solve. Assessments for core subjects are aligned to the standards and serve as a basis for knowledge/skill acquisition.
  • Federal Programs: Title I (Supplemental Reading Support), Title II (Professional Development), Title III (English Language Learners) and the Ready To Learn Block Grant are facilitated by the Office of Educational Services. To view the Title I materials as mandated by the Department of Education, please visit the Title I page of our site.
  • New Teacher Induction: The Office of Teaching and Learning coordinates new teacher induction. The goal of induction is to assist new teachers in their preparation, management, instruction and professional goals. New teachers work through a series of online sessions and live seminars to demonstrate mastery of pedagogy and content.

While not a complete listing, the above provides a framework to gain assistance and understanding of the Office of Teaching and Learning.

Ms. Cynthia Mattei

Director of Teaching and Learning
for Elementary Education

Springfield High School
49 West Leamy Avenue
Springfield, PA 19064
Phone: (610) 938-6242
Fax: (610) 938-6095

Dr. Jeffrey Zweiback

Director of Teaching and Learning
for Secondary Education
Springfield School District
49 W. Leamy Avenue
Springfield, PA 19064
Phone: (610) 938-6016