Health Room / Nursing Services

Article XIV of the Pennsylvania Public School Code provides that all children attending public, private, and parochial schools receive school health services. These services include medical and dental examinations and four different health screenings (growth, vision, hearing, and scoliosis) at specified intervals; nursing services, including the treatment of acute and chronic conditions, first aid, and emergency care; medication administration; health counseling and health promotion; maintenance of student health records; and assessment for school immunizations. A member of the Springfield School District’s Health Services team is available in each district school building along with one floating parochial school nurse to assist families in accessing these mandated services.

It is important to note that Pennsylvania State Health Law requires a physical examination upon entrance to school in kindergarten or first grade and again in grades six and eleven. Dental examinations are required in kindergarten or grade one and in grades three and seven. If your child is new to Pennsylvania schools, current physical and dental examinations are required. A listing of the state’s mandated services by grade is include in the "All Forms and Letters" section.

The school district’s Health Services team is composed of certified school nurses, licensed staff nurses, and health aides who operate under a physician with standing orders. Please feel free to contact your school nurse regarding health issues that might arise for your child during the school year. We recommend that if your child has special health concerns or requires special considerations as they relate to medical needs, please contact your child’s school nurse each year to insure that all necessary information is shared and materials provided to support their education.

School nurses will provide first aid and emergency care for students who become ill or injured during the school day. If a student is too ill to remain in school, the parents are expected to make arrangements to pick up the student in a timely fashion.

Due to Pennsylvania Department of School Health Guidelines and the Nurse Practice Act, starting the ’13-14 school year, doctor’s orders for school administration will be required for all prescription, over-the-counter medications and herbal remedies. The only exception will be Acetaminophen (Tylenol), Ibuprofen (Advil), and Antacids which are ordered by our school doctor and administered with parent permission.