Counseling & Guidance

The counselors and psychologists in the Springfield School District will be happy to assist you with support and referral should the need arise. Crisis of any kind can increase the feelings of confusion, isolation, and lack of control. While links on a page can never take the place of a meaningful and compassionate counselor that knows you and your family, we wanted to offer some resources for quick access including the direct extensions to our counselors should the need arise.

Contact Information

Guidance Counselors


SHS Hilary Campbell 610-938-6137
SHS Jessica Houser 610-938-6134
SHS Jaime Weaver 610-938-6139
SHS Kelly Pedrotty 610-938-6136
SHS Kendra Campbell 610-938-6138
ETR Dem. Spiropoulos 610-938-6335
ETR Ivy Harris 610-938-6336
ETR Maramei Beatty  610-938-6334
SCENIC Tamara Speakes-Brown 610-938-6630
SABOLD Colleen Tate 610-938-6569
SLC Bethany Coover 610-690-3178


School Psychologists

SHS Sarah Brodrick 610-938-6108
ETR Marisa Morelli 610-938-6471
SABOLD Sara Judge 610-938-6584
SCENIC Jill Boyle 610-938-6616
SLC Pamela Matzinger 610-938-3164

Social Workers

SHS Lauren DeCarlo and Gina Piombino 610-938-6854
ETR Staci Rice 610-938-6464
ELEMENTARY Caren Kelman 610-938-6507

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