The goal of the Springfield School District transportation department is to safely transport students in a timely manner.

Please use the three links at the left to find transportation information as it relates to: Students, Parents, and Drivers in PA.

Springfield School District has contracted with Student Transportation of Pennsylvania (STA) to provide transportation management services to the district commencing with the 2014-2015 school year. STA is a national provider of student transportation services and provides management services to various districts throughout Pennsylvania.

Services to students will continue to be provided by many of the same drivers that have provided services in prior years and are familiar to students and parents. Should there be any questions about daily services, please contact Ms. Kramer or Ms. DiMento at the numbers noted above.

Teri Kramer
Christina DiMento
Dispatch Manager


SSD Transportation Routes

Private/Parochial Transportation Routes

For Students

Student Transportation Responsibilities

Proper student behavior is important because the distraction of the driver can contribute to unsafe travel conditions. Students should abide by ALL school rules while on a bus or at a bus stop. The following actions shall help to protect the student's rights and to maintain order:

1. Student shall follow directions of the driver the first time given and NEVER distract the driver.2. Student shall arrive at the bus stop five minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive.
Buses should not be considered late until more than five minutes have elapsed since the scheduled arrival time.

3. Student shall wait in a safe place, clear of traffic and away from where the bus stops. See “Danger Zone” file linked below.

4. Student shall wait in an orderly line and shall avoid horseplay.

5. Student shall cross the road or street in front of the bus only after the bus has come to a complete stop and upon direction of the driver. See “How to Cross the Road” file linked below.

6. Student shall go directly to an available or assigned seat when entering the bus.

7. Student shall remain seated and keep aisles and exits clear.

8. Student shall exhibit classroom conduct at all times.

9. Student shall refrain from throwing or passing objects in, from, or into buses.

10. Student is permitted to carry only objects that can be held on her/his lap.

11. Student shall not use profane language, obscene gestures, tobacco, alcohol, drugs or any other controlled substance in the bus.

12. Student shall refrain from eating and drinking in the bus.

13. Student shall not carry hazardous materials or non-service animals into the bus.

14. Student shall respect the rights, safety and comfort of others.

15. Student shall refrain from leaving or boarding the bus at locations other than the assigned stop.

16. Student shall refrain from extending head, arms or objects out of the bus windows.

17. Students shall be denied school bus transportation if they do not conduct themselves properly.

For Parents

Parent/Guardian Transportation Responsibilities

Parents, guardians and persons acting in loco parentis shall:

1. Assist students in understanding safety rules and responsibilities and encourage them to abide by them. See the “For Students” tab at left.

2. Recognize their own responsibilities for the actions of their children.

3. Support safe riding practices and discipline efforts to ensure safety.

4. Assure students are at their assigned bus stop five minutes before the bus arrives. Buses should not be considered late until more than five minutes have elapsed since the scheduled arrival time.

5. Teach children proper procedures for safely crossing the roadway before boarding and after leaving the bus. See “How to Cross the Road” and “Danger Zone” files linked below.

6. First grade students are required to have a parent or guardian meet them at the bus stop in the afternoon. If there is no adult to meet the child, they will be driven back to school for pick up.

7. Respect the rights and privileges of other students and parents.

8. Communicate safety concerns to the transportation supervisor or school principal.

9. Monitor bus stops, if possible.

10. Be aware of illegal or undesirable activities and other dangers involved in and around the loading and unloading zone, including the dangers of loose clothing, drawstrings, clothing accessories, back-packs and other loose personal items.

For PA Drivers

Pennsylvania's School Bus STOPPING Law:

When you meet or overtake a stopped school bus with red signal lights flashing and stop arm extended, you MUST STOP.

  • When you approach an intersection where a stopped bus with red signal lights flashing and stop arm extended, you MUST STOP.
  • You MUST STOP at least ten (10) feet away from the school bus.
  • You MUST WAIT until the red lights have stopped flashing and the stop arm has been withdrawn before moving.
  • DO NOT MOVE until all the children have reached a place of safety.
  • You MUST STOP on roadways with painted lines.
  • You MUST STOP on roadways with signed dividers.
  • Drivers on separate roadways do not have to stop on a highway with clearly defined dividing sections or physical barriers separating the roadways. This only applies when the school bus is on the opposite side of the road. WHEN IN DOUBT, STOP.

If you are convicted of violating Pennsylvania’s School Bus Stopping Law, you will receive ALL of the following penalties:

1. 60-day Driver’s License Suspension

2. Five (5) points on your driving record

3. $100.00 fine


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