SHS Graduation

Applying to College

Parents and guardians can consult with their child's counselor to discuss future course selection throughout middle and high school. Spending time on homework daily helps students develop the study skills they need to be successful in the demanding courses that will prepare them for college level work. Every student will need education beyond high school to be successful in the 21st century world of work. Talk with your counselor today!


1. Fill out application

Colleges that use the “Common Application”

  • If your college offers the Common App, complete the application at The college will receive your transcript and recommendations through Naviance once you link your Naviance and Common App accounts.
  • Deadline: Dates vary. We recommend applying by Nov 1 to ensure you meet most deadlines.

Colleges that don’t offer the “Common Application”

  • Visit each college’s website to access the online application.
  • Keep track of usernames and passwords used at each school. You will be able to log on to most colleges’ websites to view your application status.
  • Deadline: Dates vary. We recommend applying by Nov 1 to ensure you meet most deadlines.

Delaware County Community College

  • Apply online at
  • Deadline: Apply starting December 2015 (much later than other schools).

2. Request Transcripts

Do not complete this step before submitting your application. Keep in mind that you must give the Guidance Office and your teacher recommenders at least three weeks’ notice to process your materials.

Logon to your Naviance account at

  • Go to the “Colleges” tab and select “Transcripts” on the left under “Resources.”
  • Request Transcripts for College Applications.” (This is also where athletes request transcripts to be sent to the NCAA).
  • Next, click “Lookup” to find the college to which you applied. You may see your college on the College Picker list if it is a frequently applied to college. If not, just search for it on the left.
  • Your application will automatically be recorded as “Regular Decision,” unless you select otherwise from the dropdown menu. If you are applying to a college “Early Action” or “Early Decision,” be sure to indicate here.
  • Click “Request Transcripts” at the bottom of the page.
  • Now select “Colleges I am Applying to” from the toolbar on the left.
  • you used Common App you must match your Common App and Naviance accounts by entering your Common App username. If you did not, just click “Not Needed” at the bottom right.
  • Since you should have already requested a transcript, your college should appear on this screen. Look at the “Applying via Common App?” column. If you see “Unknown,” you must indicate whether or not you applied via Common App from the drop down menu.
  • Go to the “Have you Applied?” column and select “Yes,” because you should not be on this step if you have not yet fully submitted your application. We won’t send your transcript until you select “Yes.” Click “Update my Applications” at the bottom.

3. Request Recommendations

(if your college requires them)

Teacher Recommendations

  • Ask teacher in person with request form available in Guidance
  • Send online request via Naviance by clicking on the colleges “Colleges” tab and “Colleges I am Applying to.” Select one or two teachers where it says “add/cancel requests.”

Counselor Recommendations

Paperwork for counselor letters should have been turned in last spring. If you learned over summer that you need a letter, please obtain paperwork from Guidance and turn it in ASAP.

4. Request Test Scores

    Fee waivers for financially needy families may be available for standardized tests and college applications. If you think you may be eligible, please see Ms. Campbell.

    Important Documents

    Financial Aid

    For the FAFSA -Free Application for Federal Student Aid
    SENIORS File after January 1
    For help with the FAFSA, call 1-888-4-FED-AID

    College Board
    For the CSS PROFILE form used by some colleges and scholarship programs

    General Financial Aid Information


    Upcoming scholarships for seniors received by the Counseling Department are posted on Naviance. Go to, and log in. Click on the"Colleges Tab" and view the "Scholarship List" under the "Scholarships & Money" Section. You can also perform a National Scholarship Search on Naviance.

    General Scholarship Searches / Services

    Scholarship resources for students of color (Hispanic Scholarship Fund)

    Scholarship Resources for LGBTQ students & allies

    Questbridge Scholarships

    Questbridge Scholarships allow outstanding, low-income students to access many opportunities through one application. Opportunities include full scholarships to colleges such as Harvard University, Stanford University, the University of Notre Dame, & Yale University, awards of private college admissions counseling, invitations to QuestBridge College Admissions Conferences at Stanford and Yale, and all-expense-paid visits to top-ranked colleges. This is a great opportunity for high performing, low income students who are interested in a range of highly selective college. Application is available online at



    The redesigned SAT draws on research-based evidence that defines the knowledge and skills that are most essential for college readiness and success. The redesigned SAT is an evidence-based exam that will reflect the work students do in class. For more information visit:


    The American College Test is another college admissions test accepted by many colleges and universities. The ACT is different than the SAT because it contains a science section, and is an achievement test, not an aptitude test.

    SAT Subject Tests

    SAT Subject Tests (Previously known as the SAT IIs)- SAT subject area admissions tests are required by the more competitive colleges and universities.


    The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) identifies your aptitude for both military and non-military careers as well as possible college majors.

    Other Testing Information

    PSAT, SAT, and SATII information can be found at

    ACT information can be found at

    TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language)

    ASVAB preparation & information

    Test-optional colleges & universities

    Information from the National Merit Scholarship Corporation can be found at

    Testing Timelines

    PSAT: February/March PSAT10
    Subject Tests: take US History in June

    ASVAB: testing dates vary
    PSAT: October
    SAT or ACT: May or June
    SAT Subject Tests: June (cannot be taken on the same day as SAT)

    SAT or ACT: October or November - first time or repeat
    SAT Subject Tests: November - first time or repeat

    Students with Disabilities Preparing for Post-Secondary Education

    Student Athletes

    Information and Resources

    NCAA eligibility center: Students intending to participate in Division I, II, or II athletics in college must register with the NCAA at the end of Spring Semester Junior Year.

    Helpful Information for Student Athletes:

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